Midtown Monday for March 16, 2020

March 16, 2020


This is your weekly update on the predevelopment of the Midtown site. Were heading into an exciting phase of this once-in-a-lifetime project with improved public communication and engagement plans to keep you better informed and more actively participating.

Were working to do more, and do better.

Two years ago, we launched a public engagement campaign to learn what you—the people who live, work, learn, and play in our community—envisioned as the ideal use for the newly-vacated Santa Fe University of Art and Design (SFUAD) Campus in Midtown Santa Fe.  This campaign had three phases:

1. Collection: We collected 2,200 survey responses from Santa Fe residents telling us what you most wanted to see developed at the Midtown site.

2. Visioning: Local architects contributed design ideas to help us envision possibilities for a future look and feel for Midtown.

3. Evaluation: 900 Santa Fe residents provided feedback online and through in-person workshops on the architects ideas.

All told, we received feedback from more than 3,000 residents across these three phases, but we recognize that we didnt do enough to reach and solicit input from the communities who stand to be most directly impacted by this project.

Going forward, we’re making every effort to ensure that those whose lives and opportunities are most closely connected to changes in the Midtown District are centered in our conversations about its future. Our goal is to create a dynamic urban center that enhances our community for all Santa Feans, and we know we can’t do that unless we have all voices represented at the design and planning table. That includes funding local arts, social, and civic organizations to produce generative events and sessions with their constituents in the next phase of public engagement.

Were also working to improve our communication channels to be sure City employees, Councilors, and the public receive frequent, easy-to-understand updates on whats happening with Midtown. Watch for upcoming announcements on more ways you can get the information you need.

Developer Recommended, Phase II of Public Engagement set to begin in early April

The Midtown Redevelopment Evaluation Committee has made its recommendation for the most qualified developer to the Governing Body, who will meet with the developer in an executive session* (see below) on March 25 to get clarification and ask questions before moving forward with an exclusivity agreement.

Announcement of the selected developer to the press and public is tentatively scheduled for Monday April 13, 2020,** (see below) which will kick-off the next phase of public engagement. This phase is designed to make a deep dive into the lived experiences of our community, and to explore how those experiences can and should inform the Midtown Community Development Plan that will guide decisions on the Midtown site. 

Stay tuned to Midtown Mondays for more details on this and other developments as we co-create one of the most exciting community transformations in New Mexico!

In partnership,

The City of Santa Fes Midtown Redevelopment Team

About This Effort

Our mission, outlined in the Midtown Planning Guidelines, is to create the most creative location is the United States, where all Santa Fe residents and visitors can interact, collaborate, fuel passions, build skills, find opportunities, live equitably, and create a bright future—for ourselves, our families, and our greater community.