Midtown Update | February 19, 2021

Midtown Update

February 19, 2021 – On February 10th the Midtown Redevelopment Team made of Economic and Community Development Department in conjunction with the firms working with the City to lead the redevelopment of Midtown, Proyecto and Strategic Economics, presented a Progress Report to the City Council. This update included a summary of the work completed to date with Team Midtown in the Early Negotiation Agreement (ENA) process and the planned next steps following the cancellation of the Early Negotiation Agreement. The Redevelopment Team prepared and presented to the City Council a Power Point presentation that covered several topics related to what has been accomplished to date and the work being done to move the process forward.

A copy of this Progress Report and Power Point presentation may be viewed here:

MIDTOWN Progress Report – February 10, 2021

MIDTOWN Power Point Presentation – February 10, 2021