Center For All People

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Center for All People

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Public Open Space

Designed in various sizes for various uses for a diverse and creative community.


Safe Streets

Designed for pedestrians and bicycles in mind, with large sidewalks along mixed-use streets.

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La Familia Medical Center


Multi-modal streets that connect people to and from the Midtown site.


Affordable Homes

Designed for different household types, sizes, and desires, including rental, ownership, and community trusts, will ensure a close-knit and eclectic community of friends and neighbors.

Affordable Commercial Space

Designed for business enterprises, particularly in technology, film and multimedia production, and for entrepreneurial incubators, as well as affordable community arts spaces.


Public Benefits

The City is creating a Community Development Plan based on extensive public engagement activities and structured on the principles of sustainable and equitable development to ensure community goals are addressed as development is implemented.  Issues around housing affordability, job creation and access, healthy design, sustainable infrastructure, arts and cultural programming, among other priorities, will be part of the overall development of the Midtown District.

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