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Midtown Redevelopment Plans

Land Development Plan

The Land Plan will establish land use zoning and development plans to regulate and guide physical development on the Midtown Site.  The plan will include mixed-use zoning, urban design guidelines and requirements, density patterns for the site, infrastructure requirements, circulation within and surrounding the site, and open space allocations.  It will also serve as a guide for green building and site resiliency strategies, zoning for housing affordability and other public policy benefits to create a town center.  This plan was informed through public engagement planning events and will be available for public input in the summer of 2022.

The City of Santa Fe Planning Commission and the Governing Body will review and vote on the Land Development Plan.

Midtown planning
Midtown planning

Community Development Plan

The Community Plan will serve as a policy document to guide development to achieve sustainable development to achieve community-driven public policy objectives related to equity, economy, environment, and culture. The plan provides requirements, guidance, and preferences as development proposals are solicited and, ultimately, implemented on the Midtown Site to create a central welcoming, inclusive, and dynamic social place for living, learning, playing, and working.  This plan was informed through public engagement planning events and will be available for public input in the summer of 2022.

The Governing Body will review and vote on the Community Development Plan and Land Development Plan as a joint package called the Midtown Redevelopment Plans.

Metropolitan Redevelopment Area

In Development

Community Development Plan

Community Development Plan -- October 2021 Midtown Block Party
Community Development Plan -- December 2021 Posalada
Community Development Plan -- October-December 2021 Public Engagement Events
Community Development Plan -- February-March 2022 Public Engagement City Council Presentations
Community Development Plan -- April 2022 Public Engagement Report
July 2022 Community Development Plan
July-September 2022 Public Engagement
September 2022 Community Development Plan City Council Presentations

Land Development Plan

Land Development Plan -- July 2021 Planning Session Listening
Land Development Plan -- September 2021 Planning Session Workshop
Land Development Plan -- May 2022 City Council Presentations
July 2022 Early Neighborhood Notification Public Presentation
July-Sept 2022 Public Engagement
October 2022 Land Use Plans & Zoning Planning Commission Vote

Redevelopment Plans

Redevelopment Plans -- July 2021-September 2022 Governing Body Progress Reports
Redevelopment Plans -- February 2022 Midtown Moving Forward Governing Body Resolution
October 2022 Redevelopment Plans (Community Development Plan & Land Development Plan) Governing Body Vote