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Early Neighborhood Notification (ENN) Presentation


Midtown Redevelopment Process

Continues Through Summer

July 14: Early Neighborhood Notification Meeting on Redevelopment

  SANTA FE, June 28, 2022 — Subsequent to the Midtown Moving Forward Resolution passed by the City’s Governing Body in February 2022, the City continues to build momentum for the redevelopment of the Midtown site. The resolution called for proceeding with fundamental next steps for the reuse and redevelopment of the site, including applying for land use zoning, creating a master plan, and making a General Plan amendment. After a series of events starting in mid-July, it is expected that the final Midtown Redevelopment Plans will go before the Governing Body on October 26. Midtown is currently accommodating various temporary uses in response to critical housing and sheltering needs that have arisen due to the COVID pandemic. At the same time, the City is moving forward with the permanent land use and development goals that the public wants to see at Midtown – a new city center for all Santa Feans.   Redevelopment Process The Office of Economic Development issued letters announcing the Early Neighborhood Notification (ENN) meeting on July 14. The ENN marks a pivotal moment in the process of enacting the types of development that members of the community have said they want to see at Midtown in a thorough and extensive public engagement campaign, and years of preliminary planning. The plan is going into effect to create a dynamic, welcoming, mixed-use urban center that is uniquely Santa Fe and founded on the principles of sustainable and equitable development. The ENN presentation will include a summary and highlights of the land development plans. This commences the land use approval process that is expected to result in hearings before the Planning Commission on October 6 for approvals of the Master Plan, Land Use Rezoning, and a General Plan Amendment.   Community Education Stipend Program This Community Education phase also focuses on increasing the community’s understanding of the redevelopment process as it gets underway in advance of physical development. The City is once again demonstrating its commitment to an inclusive planning process by providing stipends to civic and community organizations that want to host community education events. For more information about the Community Education Stipend Program, visit the project website. “The community education phase of the process is about showing how people’s ideas, preferences, and recommendations have been incorporated into the land development plans and asking if the plans represent their vision and goals,” said Rich Brown, Director of Community and Economic Development.   Request for Proposals The City plans to issue three Requests for Proposals in August for the rehabilitation and reuse of the Visual Arts Center, the Greer Garson Performance Theater, and the expansion of the Garson Production Studios. These projects will transform the site and bring people back to Midtown. The City is also assessing the Fogelson Library Complex to envision the possibility of repurposing it as a Public Library and Community Creativity Center. In addition, the land development plan identifies parcels for affordable housing development that will increase the city’s overall affordable housing supply; the City’s Inclusionary Housing requirements will be applied at Midtown. Requests for Proposals will be issued for some of the affordable housing sites in late 2022. The City encourages all Santa Feans to keep abreast of the Midtown Moving Forward process on the project website: MidtownDistrictSantaFe.com.

July 14, 20225:30 pm-6:30 pm

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